Brain Awareness Lecture Series: Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

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Please join Dr. Aimee Pierce as she gives a tour of the landscape of Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

10 Apr | 12:00 pm


Brain Awareness Season began in 2000 as Brain Awareness Week. Now the months-long season attracts one of the largest groups of brain care experts, researchers and community members in the U.S. Thousands of participants gather to share information and learn about the power of our most important organ. All events are produced by the OHSU Brain Institute and are free and open to the public.

Is prevention of Alzheimer’s disease possible?   
Aimee Pierce, M.D., associate professor of neurology, OHSU School of Medicine

The two strongest risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease are age and genetics, but there is hope for Alzheimer’s prevention, even if we can’t turn back the clock. In fact, many other risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease have been identified, including diet, exercise, and sleep. Novel clinical trials which combine lifestyle interventions or test new pharmacological treatments, such as lecanemab, the newest drug approved on January 6 of this year by the FDA, may provide a basis for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in the future. Dr. Aimee Pierce, associate professor of neurology and Director of Clinical Care and Therapeutics in the Layton Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Center, will give a tour of the landscape of Alzheimer’s disease prevention.