BRAINet Synapse: How our body senses force

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Join the OHSU Brain Institute and the featured speaker, Swetha Murthy, Ph.D., assistant scientist, Vollum Institute,. Dr. Murthy’s research focus is to understand mechanotransduction—the conversion of mechanical force into biological signals—and its role in physiological and pathological states in humans.

17 May | 12:00 pm


Virtual Event is hosted by the OHSU Brain Institute

Dr. Murthy will discuss the role of the mechanosensitive channel PIEZO2 in mechanical allodynia, which is when gentle touch evokes pain. This phenomenon is one of the leading clinical symptoms of neuropathy-induced pain in humans. Her research suggests that PIEZO2 is the mechanosensor that mediates allodynia, and raises the possibility that PIEZO2 could be a viable clinical target to treat neuropathic pain. Dr. Murthy will also discuss some of the current efforts in her lab to delineate functional properties and underlying functioning mechanisms of a recently discovered large mechanosensitive ion channel family, OSCA/TMEM63.

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Swetha Murthy, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist, Vollum Institute