Nursing @ Noon: Midwifery During COVID

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Join the OHSU School of Nursing's presentation of Midwifery During COVID: Growth, Expansion and a Question of Succession with Cathy Emeis, PhD CNM, Program Director of OHSU’s Nurse midwifery program. Dr. Emeis will discusses success, innovation, diversity, and how OHSU became the number two top rated Nurse-Midwifery program in the nation.

14 Dec | 12:00 pm


Virtual Event is hosted by the OHSU School of Nursing

Quality care outcomes associated with care from nurse-midwifes is creating a demand for service. Simultaneously, the closure of smaller care facilities is driving the need for nurse-midwives in rural locations.

Join Dr. Emeis to hear how the nation’s #2 program is responding to multi-dimensional change while seeking to recruit a work force that closely reflects the population it serves.


Cathy Emeis, PhD, CNM
Associate Professor, OHSU School of Nursing
Director, OHSU Nurse-Midwifery Education and Practice, School of Nursing

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