Past Events

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12 Oct
Humanizing Health Care for All
14 Sep
Seeing clearer: The latest from the OHSU Casey Eye Institute
Critical Conversation
28 Jul
Better Breathing for a Lifetime
Critical Conversation
15 Jun
The Future of Medical Imaging: OHSU’s Daring and Transformational Approach
Critical Conversation
11 Nov
Veterans in the O.R.: Advancing trauma surgery during war and at home
Panel Discussion
28 Oct
What is health equity and why is it important to OHSU?
Panel Discussion
14 Oct
The Power of Nutrition: Chronic Disease, COVID-19 and Your Health
23 Sep
The Fight Against Pediatric Brain Tumors
Critical Conversation
09 Sep
Treating Multiple Sclerosis with a Breakthrough Drug
Critical Conversation
20 Aug
Emerging Infectious Diseases: Preparing for the Next Pandemic
Panel Discussion