Past Events

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26 May
Braner Lectureship: Community-Driven Responses to Community Firearm Violence
10 May
Timely Topics | Opportunities and Challenges in STEM for Underrepresented Genders
Critical Conversation
12 Apr
Timely Topics | The Impact of COVID-19 on the Healthcare Workforce
Critical Conversation
11 Apr
Nursing at Noon | Micro-aggressions in Clinical Medicine
Critical Conversation
15 Mar
Brain TLC: Unraveling the mysterious role of sleep in brain neurodegeneration
Critical Conversation
25 Feb
Doernbecher Freestyle XVII
14 Sep
Seeing clearer: The latest from the OHSU Casey Eye Institute
Critical Conversation
28 Jul
Better Breathing for a Lifetime
Critical Conversation
15 Jun
The Future of Medical Imaging: OHSU’s Daring and Transformational Approach
Critical Conversation
11 Nov
Veterans in the O.R.: Advancing trauma surgery during war and at home
Panel Discussion