Better Breathing for a Lifetime

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Critical Conversation

Learn how physician-scientists at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital are improving care for pregnant people and babies, with a focus on healthy lungs. Cindy McEvoy MD, MCR, and Deborah Lewinsohn, MD, will discuss clinical trials in the NICU and how participating parents are helping babies everywhere.

28 Jul

This conversation was livestreamed on July 28.

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The environment of the womb, along with the first weeks to months of life, set the stage for our life-long lung health. Researchers at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital are leading clinical trials to improve the standard of care for parents and their babies, so that all infants will have the best chance to breathe better for a lifetime. Cindy McEvoy, MD, MCR is a physician-scientist who studies using continuous positive airway pressure (commonly known as a CPAP) in preterm infants to improve their lung function — even after they leave the hospital. Dr. McEvoy also researches the use of vitamin C in pregnancy to reduce breathing problems in newborns. Dr. McEvoy will be joined by pediatric researcher Deborah Lewinsohn, MD, along with a Doernbecher family to discuss how clinical research benefits families.


Cindy McEvoy, MD, MCR
Credit Unions for Kids Professor in Pediatric Research
Director of Maternal Child Health Research, Department of Pediatrics
Director of Neonatal Research
Oregon Health & Science University

Deborah Lewinsohn, MD
Wayne L. Tracy Professor of Pediatric Infectious Disease
Assistant Director, Child Global Heath Research Center
Oregon Health & Science University