Treating Multiple Sclerosis with a Breakthrough Drug

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Critical Conversation

Please join us for a conversation with Dennis Bourdette, MD, FANA, FAAN and Laura Wieden as they discuss the development of a breakthrough drug for multiple sclerosis.

09 Sep

This conversation was livestreamed on September 9.

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For years, OHSU has been on the front lines in attacking MS. Now, thanks to innovative “high-risk” research funded by philanthropy, a breakthrough drug that could stimulate critical myelin repair will start clinical trials within a year, raising expectations of MS patients worldwide. Hear the powerful story of the doctor who wouldn’t give up, and a grateful patient who has new hope thanks to research her family has generously supported.


Laura Wieden, OHSU Patient and Philanthropist

Dennis Bourdette, MD, FANA, FAAN, Professor Emeritus of Neurology, OHSU School of Medicine